It’s in your HANDS!

I am not sure why but lately I have been paying attention to my hands and others hands and I know that is super weird but that’s me…..I am weird. I am constantly telling my littles…”hold Mommy’s hand”. I make my middles hold hands when they are arguing and decide they don’t have to stop when I ask them to. We have sayings that have to do with hands, such as “give me a hand”, “hand me that”, “you are in good hands”. Hands are powerful but their movements and actions are completely voluntary. Meaning I can choose what my hands do or do not do. I love looking at the older peoples hands…..don’t you know that every line, bump, or scar has a story? Hands can hurt, they can heal, and they can help. What do you find your hands doing most of the time??

1. Are they hurting others? You may think….I don’t hit anyone so this one doesn’t apply to me! But let me help you think of other ways your hands can hurt others. Are you pointing out others wrongs? Are you judging them? My dad always says this “When you point a finger at someone remember there are 3 more pointed back at you”. In other words, you should only be concerned for yourself not judging someone else.
Another way hands can hurt is by spending time doing things that take away valuable time? Just recently I took facebook off my phone. I realized I was constantly scrolling and reading when I could have been spending more time with my children. I am not saying that mom’s don’t need to be on facebook! I just know that it took more time than I wanted to spend. Time that I will never get back. My ADHD brain loves social media and I have to put limits on myself. My hands were doing too much scrolling instead of my ears listening! So, while your hands may not be physically hurting someone they may be emotionally damaging a relationship, pointing at things that don’t concern you, and allowing you to lose time that you will never get back.

2. Are they healing others? You don’t have to be a nurse to heal with your hands! Mamas do it all the time! When someone is hurt or sick sometimes there are no words at that moment, but a simple touch can let them know you are there. Healing can come from someone in the form of a hand written note, a meal, or a phone call. All done with your hands! The power of human touch is amazing. Research shows that it decreases anxiety, tension, and depression. Give a hug, hold a hand, and heal a heart!

3. Are they helping others? Really it boils down to this: you are either helping or hindering. My kids love to stand around while I am cleaning up a mess……I say to them “if you are going to stand here then you are going to help”! Of course that leads to a quick exit. You don’t have to be in a helping profession to make a difference in the lives of others. Hold a door, make a donation, pick up a piece of trash, lend a hand, mow a widow’s yard, mow a single mom’s yard, take a grandparent to lunch, volunteer, do something outside of yourself. Your hands are blessings, just ask someone who doesn’t have one or either of them. Use them for the good of others. We all stand in need of help at some point and time in our lives.

Today my hands have spanked my 3 year old, cleaned up a ton of glass from a storm door that shattered (long unbelievable story), washed clothes, cleaned toilets, (I washed my hands afterwards) hugged friends, rocked a child to sleep for a nap, washed dishes, push mowed the yard, and they are getting ready to go grocery shopping! I have been “off work” for 10 days…..I am looking forward to returning on Thursday to allow my hands to do what they are called to do!

Our hands can be folded to pray for those that are hurt, need healing, or need help as well. Whatever you choose for your hands to do, may you be a blessing to others and choose your actions wisely. You have the potential to hurt, heal, and help. What you do will impact those around you. What will you decide to do daily? It’s in your hands……

These are some pictures of hands that have impacted my life…..they are of my children. The far right (bottom corner) was a picture I took at a cross country match almost a year ago….a runner was hurt and limping and a runner from an opposing team came and put his arms around him to help him to the finish line….I keep that picture to remind me that there should not be limits on who we help.


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  1. That was great.  Thanks

    for sharing this.  Makes me want to do more with my hands that makes a difference.

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