Funnies that will make you smile :)

I don’t know about you but I am forever losing my brain and just saying or doing things that are ridiculous! Most of the time my burn nurse bloopers occur when my glucose is low and I need to eat or when I haven’t had any fluids in forever!

These are two of my most recent burn nurse bloopers:

1)The thermostat was broken in my patients room and it was so hot in the room. I walked in and without thinking I asked the patient “Aren’t you about to burn up in here?”  He stated “No, I’ve already done that!”  Lord have mercy!! I had to apologize over and over! Luckily, he was a great sport! Him and I laughed all night about my statement and his response!

2)I recently had a physician order for me to send the cath tip culture from a central line change over. I also had a physician order urine lytes on the same patient.  When I went to obtain the urine lyte culture I picked up the specimen cup that contained the cath tip and without seeing the cath tip filled it up with urine!! Geeezzzzzz! Now there will be no cath tip culture and I had to explain why to the physician.

More bloopers to come……….