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  • Professionally Jaded
    A few months ago I floated to another unit and the nurse I received report from was so sweet and kind but somewhat “gruff”. I didn’t judge though because she had just worked a 12 hour night shift and I have mad respect for night nurses! I tried to work nights years ago and almost died 🙂 Anyway, as our report continued and we got to know each other a little she asked me how long I had been a nurse, I told her “It will be 14 years in August”. She then had a puzzled […]
  • Floating Tips for Nurses
    It’s happened to all of us…..we walk on the unit, ready to go and then we hear the words “you have to float to _____”. For most of us, immediately panic sets in (especially the 1st time you float). Your Nursing brain starts thinking about the patho of the unit you are floating to. I recently floated to CICU and I started thinking of heart meds, trying to visualize abnormal EKG’s, and going over the ACLS protocol! When I float to Neuro I immediately think of all the […]
  • It’s in your HANDS!
    I am not sure why but lately I have been paying attention to my hands and others hands and I know that is super weird but that’s me…..I am weird. I am constantly telling my littles…”hold Mommy’s hand”. I make my middles hold hands when they are arguing and decide they don’t have to stop when I ask them to. We have sayings that have to do with hands, such as “give me a hand”, “hand me that”, “you are in good hands”. Hands are powerful but their movements and actions are completely voluntary. […]
  • The one that matters sees you…….
    So many great things happening in the nursing world this week! I have received my first invitation to a pinning ceremony for prior students that I taught. I remember the relief so well. The relief of no more stress about having to make a certain grade on an exam, not following proper procedure in clinical and the stress of not actually finishing nursing school-(which did happen to me one time). To all of you brand-new grads, I say “congratulations”! You truly are about to embark on […]
  • Love is spelled W-O-R-K!!
    Just recently, my husband and I celebrated 15 years of marriage! It really blows my mind! We were high school sweethearts and then broke up during our college years but found our way back to each other. We have friends all around us with struggling marriages and divorces and it has started multiple conversations about how we have made it to 15 years and what our plans are to make it 15 more! Please know that we have had our struggles and every day is not a rosy love story by any stretch! In […]