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  • Among the Alarms……
    In an ICU setting, nurses get really used to the different alarms of the unit. In fact, it is possible for us to completely block them out and not hear them at all (or is that just me?). It’s almost like we are “tone deaf” to them. It always makes me chuckle when a non-nurse says “What’s that noise?” or “will you stop that dinging noise?”… first thought is “what noise?” Then I realize there is an alarm of some sort and I […]
  • Can’t even believe I just did that……..
    I was recently assisting a patient off the bedpan. This patient was a great help in the turning process so I didn’t grab any help to take her off the bedpan. She rolled over and removed an almost completely full bedpan of urine and because I was alone and didn’t want to leave the patient turned and unattended by going to the bathroom to empty it, I just sat it down on the floor. I finished up the cleaning process and as I went to get the covers at the end of the bed I stepped right […]
  • Windshield or Rear-View? Which are you looking through?
    On August 4th this year I celebrated my 14th year of Nursing! I use August 4th as the date for my Nursiversary because it was my very first day of work as RN! Do you remember your very first day of your career? I couldn’t sleep the night before from excitement and nervousness. I only knew the name of the nurse that was precepting me, where to go, and what time to be there. When I got to the unit someone helped me obtain a pair of blue scrubs, little did I know, this was the beginning of a […]
  • Professionally Jaded
    A few months ago I floated to another unit and the nurse I received report from was so sweet and kind but somewhat “gruff”. I didn’t judge though because she had just worked a 12 hour night shift and I have mad respect for night nurses! I tried to work nights years ago and almost died 🙂 Anyway, as our report continued and we got to know each other a little she asked me how long I had been a nurse, I told her “It will be 14 years in August”. She then had a puzzled […]
  • Floating Tips for Nurses
    It’s happened to all of us…..we walk on the unit, ready to go and then we hear the words “you have to float to _____”. For most of us, immediately panic sets in (especially the 1st time you float). Your Nursing brain starts thinking about the patho of the unit you are floating to. I recently floated to CICU and I started thinking of heart meds, trying to visualize abnormal EKG’s, and going over the ACLS protocol! When I float to Neuro I immediately think of all the […]