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  • Windshield or Rear-View? Which are you looking through?
    On August 4th this year I celebrated my 14th year of Nursing! I use August 4th as the date for my Nursiversary because it was my very first day of work as RN! Do you remember your very first day of your career? I couldn’t sleep the night before from excitement and nervousness. I only knew the name of the nurse that was precepting me, where to go, and what time to be there. When I got to the unit someone helped me obtain a pair of blue scrubs, little did I know, this was the beginning of a […]
  • Professionally Jaded
    A few months ago I floated to another unit and the nurse I received report from was so sweet and kind but somewhat “gruff”. I didn’t judge though because she had just worked a 12 hour night shift and I have mad respect for night nurses! I tried to work nights years ago and almost died 🙂 Anyway, as our report continued and we got to know each other a little she asked me how long I had been a nurse, I told her “It will be 14 years in August”. She then had a puzzled […]
  • Floating Tips for Nurses
    It’s happened to all of us…..we walk on the unit, ready to go and then we hear the words “you have to float to _____”. For most of us, immediately panic sets in (especially the 1st time you float). Your Nursing brain starts thinking about the patho of the unit you are floating to. I recently floated to CICU and I started thinking of heart meds, trying to visualize abnormal EKG’s, and going over the ACLS protocol! When I float to Neuro I immediately think of all the […]
  • It’s in your HANDS!
    I am not sure why but lately I have been paying attention to my hands and others hands and I know that is super weird but that’s me…..I am weird. I am constantly telling my littles…”hold Mommy’s hand”. I make my middles hold hands when they are arguing and decide they don’t have to stop when I ask them to. We have sayings that have to do with hands, such as “give me a hand”, “hand me that”, “you are in good hands”. Hands are powerful but their movements and actions are completely voluntary. […]
  • The one that matters sees you…….
    So many great things happening in the nursing world this week! I have received my first invitation to a pinning ceremony for prior students that I taught. I remember the relief so well. The relief of no more stress about having to make a certain grade on an exam, not following proper procedure in clinical and the stress of not actually finishing nursing school-(which did happen to me one time). To all of you brand-new grads, I say “congratulations”! You truly are about to embark on […]